Management 3.0

Let’s innovate, let’s go for the myShopi Hackathon !

After some months of preparation, we finally did it, we spent two exceptional days doing our first myShopi Hackathon ! Hacka… Whaaat ? That’s the first big question of course, what is a hackathon ? You probably have a lot… Continue reading

Delegation Poker

Scrum is about team self-management. In order to progressively and clearly share management practices between a manager and his team, we use Delegation Poker. Delegation Poker is a card game that is promoted by Management 3.0 practices. The objective is… Continue reading

Roadmap for multiple customers and multiple features

One of the challenge we have at Agilys is to bring new features that are valuable for our users but also for our different customers. Each customer has its own set of priority and wants the application to focus on certain areas… Continue reading

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