Let’s innovate, let’s go for the myShopi Hackathon !

After some months of preparation, we finally did it, we spent two exceptional days doing our first myShopi Hackathon ! Hacka… Whaaat ? That’s the first big question of course, what is a hackathon ? You probably have a lot… Continue reading

Delegation Poker

Scrum is about team self-management. In order to progressively and clearly share management practices between a manager and his team, we use Delegation Poker. Delegation Poker is a card game that is promoted by Management 3.0 practices. The objective is… Continue reading

iMessage application : “Mussels and French Fries”

With the new iOS10, you can build iMessage applications that are directly included in iMessage and conversations. I will not emphasize in what you can do with this new feature. Apple released two nice videos during the WWDC ( video 1 and video… Continue reading

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