Agilys is a young and innovative startup that was founded in September of 2010.

Our goals at Agilys are based on the following principle:

  • An environment where our employees thrive in their roles and where they can fully express themselves.
  • Apps that are essentials for our users and insightful for our customers. Creating products that you love to use makes us feel wonderful.
  • Continuously innovate to bring out the best experiences and simplify the life of our users.

Agilys develops the myShopi platform.


myShopi is an easy-to-use shopping list for iPhone, Android and the Web.

Agilys provides the same application as a white label for different customers. The application is known as CeCumpăr in Romania and Quoty in France, Portugal & Spain.

At Agilys, we strongly believe in Agile methodologies and more particularly in the Scrum Framework for our development teams (being the  .Net team and the Mobile team).


Meet the team

 Mathias arnaud thomas   borja robin sophie   mathieu